Welcome to Makerlab

To be creative and Innovative!

With the enabling fabrication technologies such as 3D printing and embedded systems, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) or rapid prototyping of innovative ideas is becoming more accessible than ever before.  MakerLab is an initiative launched by the Department of Computer Science to bring together students of any discipline who are interested in prototyping and making.  We aim to create an environment for students to turn their innovative ideas into reality. At MakerLab, students can learn and explore the state-of-the-art technologies, tools and skills, and to work collaboratively for idea incubation and implementation.  

The mission of MakerLab is to nurture and foster creativity and innovation of students in Hong Kong. We believe that making in a collaborative environment will promote the culture of innovation. Through the process of making, not only that students can acquire various practical technological skills but also that they can develop the many valuable traits, such as patience, persistence, perseverance, openness, etc., for problem-solving. 

If you like making and prototyping, this is the place for you. Tell us your idea, we help you to make it happen. You can find our 3D models in Thingiverse and YouMagine to make the things we present.

(photo source: Internet)

TortoBot is our 3D printed robot kit for STEM education. It is designed particularly to have very few 3D printed body parts so that students and teachers can 3D-print them in relatively short time. It is powered by low cost common  Arduino electronics. Thus, the whole set is very cost effective and affordable by students .  We open the Arduino program source code for students to learn the robot  programming logic. We share this kit to the Internet,  more details and the 3D print models can be found here.   Students can also develop their own Android app to control the robot. Here is the Android app coding instructions. 

This is another biped robot we design. If you want to make one, see here.

This is an on-going project, target goal is to make it walking over the terrain.

Is a bot, is a mobile, our new design - Carbot.  See here to download 3D print STL model files, assembly guide is available here.


Modular robot is a robot kind that itself is built upon identical module. Like to make one? You can find our 3D models here.