Since Boston Dynamics releases the robot dog - Spot, the implementation robot has become very popular. Couples of similarity are available in the market. This project is with a 3D printed robot dog. It walks on flat floor perfectly as shown on the video demo. This project is to improve it to walk on uneven terrain, see the examples here  and here .  The goal of exploiting the robot dog will be in STEM education. 

The current robot code will be given for study, eventually, students have to implement entirely new code. Arduino IDE will be the programming platform to develop robot code. For this project, familiarity in C/C++ and Java programming is definitely a plus. Tutorials will be given on 3D printing, 3D modelling,  Arduino programming platform and Android app development. This project is best for a group of 2 students.

The project deliverable includes:

  • defines the functions and implements robot dog inverse kinematics, see these videos [part 1, part 2, part 3] to know more. This is an examples of calculation.
  • implements walking gait and self-balance algorithm for walking on uneven terrain, see this example of self-balancing with IMU such as MPU-6050.
  • develops an Android app to play with it.
  • develops course-ware and teaching materials to use the robot in STEM education


 Video Demo