Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. Arduino consists of both a physical programmable circuit board (often referred to as a microcontroller) and a piece of software, or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that runs on your computer, used to write and upload computer code to the physical board.

Here, we present a  8 DOF BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) quadruped robot using a inexpensive Arduino board. We release all information to people to build it by themselves. Below figures shows the implemented 





To build one, you will need following items. The electronic components can be found in online store such as taoboa, amazon, aliexpress and etc, contact us if you need more information.

3D Printing the Models:

Those implementations in demo were printed in PLA.  The models were sliced using Cura.  Here are the suggested parameters for slicing the robot models to print. You may adjust to fit the 3D printer you're using. 

  • layer height: 0.2mm
  • shell thickness: 1mm
  • bottom/top thickness: 1.2mm
  • fill density: 10%
  • support: needed
  • adhesion type: none


Robot Assembly:

You must have 3D printed models and uploaded the robot program to Atmel ATmega328P Developer Board, then follow below assembly video to build.




How to Play:

You should have downloaded the goBLE IOS app. Firstly is turn on  apple device Bluetooth. Then open goBLE to run, putting your IOS device close to the robot. BLE communication between robot and your IOS device should be established in few seconds. If not, tapping the top connecting symbol. If it is connected ,the symbol will turn to green. Now, you're ready to play using the virtual joy pad and buttons, see below figure.