Bugbot is a 3D printed hexapod robot. He can perform different interesting locomotion.  He can walk on flat floor perfectly, but not on uneven terrain.  He doesn't have the vision to recognize and understand real world objects. He does not have a "brain" to do thing in smart ways. This project is to make BugBot able to walk on rough terrain,  to see using camera and  being smarter by giving him artificial intelligence.

In order to hold the camera,  IMU sensor such as MPU-6050 for balancing on terrain and other  computing hardware, the body of BugBot has to be re-design. This can be done by 3D printing and 3D modelling. Current robot code will be given for study. It is written in  Arduino programming platform.  Eventually, students have to implement entirely new code to achieve the project goals. For this project, familiarity in C/C++, Java programming and good in Mathematics is definitely a plus.  Tutorials will be given on 3D printing and modelling,  Arduino programming platform and ROS framework. This project is best for a group of 2 students.

The project deliverable includes:

  • the hexapod robot with features mentioned above