This project is to develop a smart phone selfie app to control the a 3D printed drawing robot to output drawing from selfie photo image which usually is a raster graphic. One of the challenges is to design algorithms to process raster image to vector image and finally generate G-code which is native instruction codes to control the drawing robot. Existing image processing algorithms such as Error Diffusion and Floyd–Steinberg dithering are good references for students to study.  The user interface of the app will includes the UI to control the drawing robot movements such as moving to particular X,Y or home position. As students may need to modify the drawing robot to improve the mechanical structure,  tutorials on 3D printing and modelling  will be given. The drawing robot is needed to enhance in two areas:

  • auto home positioning using end stop for  X and Y axis.
  • adjustable drawing area for flat and balance surface

 The firmware of the drawing robot is available here.