Recently, smart home gadgets are emerging to the commercial market such as Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo and Google Home. Broadly classification they are IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Managing IoT devices are challenging. Apple, Amazon and Google implemented their own solutions. For general Iot devise Microsoft is offering a solution it is known as Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.

This project is to implement a mobile IoT smart home gadget named HomeBot. HomeBot is with sensors for gas detection, temperature, humanity, led light on/off/dimming; actuators for simply pick and place; video streaming for home monitoring; speech and voice recognition with Google Assistant.  HomeBot mobility can be implemented to use legs and wheels. Managing HomeBot is via Microsoft azure iot hub so that users can reach HomeBot from the Internet. You will use 3D printing and modelling for HomeBot design and prototyping. A design of a cute look for an example will be desirable.

Following materials will be relevant to this project.

Reference Books:

Programming Language and Tools

Tutorials will be given on 3D printing and modelling, writing IoT application for Raspberry Pi