In the age of Internet, the web has provided a critical medium for B2C business model which commerce transaction of selling products or services to consumers is over Internet. Well known players of B2C are such as Amazon and Alibaba, as examples. However doing B2C business is not limited to big companies, individual  person can open his B2C business by homing a server. But usually such server is big (occupied a lot of spaces) and consuming much electricity power. And the machine itself is relatively expensive too. An alternative is subscribing web hosting service by paying monthly charge. Web hosting is common but it often provide very limited functionality. Subscribers will need to pay extra for additional functionalities. For B2C beginners, this cost is not desirable.

We present a solution called WebBox. It is a DIY Internet small gadget in low cost, low power consuming, easy maintain, flexible and powerful for individual person to host B2C Internet store at home using their home residential Internet line.  In general, WebBox is an embedded database and php web server. This is a tutorial that will  cover topics of

  • Making your WebBox Internet gadget 
  • Installation and Using Joomla CMS in WebBox
  • Introduction to VirtueMart - Joomla B2C e-commence solution

The talk will be held on 21 Dec, 2015, do the registration with your CS a/c now if you're interested.

The talk successfully completed, thanks for your participation and hoping this talk can give you some inspirations.  We release all instructions of how to make it in case you missed something in the talk.