Preparing The System:

System of Webbox is an embedded Linux. To use in Raspberry B+, the system image must be written to the uSD card. Assumed you have downloaded the system image and installed win32 disk image writer. Run disk image writer with windows administrator right. 


Insert to uSD into the carder and plugs into the USB port of your PC, select the image and USB device then click Write to start.


Progressing.., after the green bar reaches the 100%. The uSD card is ready for use in RPi B+.


Testing The System:

  • insert the uSD card to RPi B+,
  • connect RPi B+ to your PC with Ethernet cable,  
  • power it up with the USB cable.

The green LED should be on and after about 1.5 minute it should be off. In case, it is long on, that means the image does not work. You may write the image again to the uSD card.

Now, use the web browser to address , you should see the system administration page as following.  Congratulation, you did it! 

admin page

When the test is well, you can turn off the RPi B+ by disconnecting it from the USB cable, then go next step.