While system prepared down, now it is the step to prepare data store for Joomla! and database files. On this matter, we use the USB flash drive. It is recommend to buy one with good quality and high speed of R/W access. Assume, you have download the Joomla packages and the database files for following steps.


Firstly, format the USB flash drive with exfat file system. To do that bring out the Computer Management dialog box and select Disk Management to format it.




  • create a folder named www (low capital letter) in the flash drive.
  • unzip the joomla packages to a directory named content (low capital letter) under www folder.
  • unzip the database files to a directory named mysql (low capital letter) under www folder.


 All joomla files should be in content folder as below figure


In general, you should




 directory structure on the flash drive.