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Recently smart home gadgets are emerging to the commercial market such as Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo and Google Home.  This project is to make a smart home gadget which consists a smart phone and a custom made outer shell.  The outer shell has two parts. The first is a pan/tilt top turret as shown at below photo. It is to hold the smart phone and to turn the phone to different angles. The second part is Bluetooth speaker system. It is open to students to design. The outer shell will be made by 3D printing. Therefore, tutorials on 3D printing and modelling will be given.  

The pan/tilt turret is required to improve in two areas.

Firmware of the turret is written. It can be found in MakerLab's github. It is open to modify for the improvement.

Next task is to write an app provided functions as those performed in commercial smart home gadget. In general, the app will do: