GSTduino is in-expensive Arduino board embedded 1.8V-5.5V step-up regulator to power up the board and other connected external modules/senors.  It consists of connectors for 12 X RC servo motors, Bluetooth UART/LE iBeacon module connector and sensors power pins.  I/O pins are compatible to Arduino Nano.  It is much easier to do project using GSTDuino, avoiding mistakes on wiring.  

Scratch is a programming language widely used to teach children computer programming. Scratch for Arduino (S4A) is a Scratch implementation for Arduino community.  GSTduino is ideal board for S4A because it is very easy to add sensors and external modules to use with. S4A is free for download.

 Arduino Software is native Arduino development platform. GSTduino can use it too, just pick ArduinoNano w/ ATmega328 on board selection menu.

Following 3D print robots are implemented using GSTduino. It is much less chaotic of wiring comparing to using Arduino Nano implementation.