There are many retried old smartphone. Many of them are still very powerful and function properly. This project is to reuse or recycle them as IP cameras surveillance system home system. The system will have a 3D printed pan and tilt  sentry to hold the smart phone and an Android  app.  So there are two tasks of this project.  First task  is to design and build the pan and tilt sentry using 3D printing and 3D modelling, the examples of such sentry are here and hereThe control of the  pan and  tilt are  will be used Arduino-kind  MCU  board.  Arduino IDE is programming platform for developing program code for the sentry.  Second task is to write an app to perform the video surveillance system.  Basically, the app will do:

  • to control pan/tilt sentry to turn the smart phone in different angles
  • to capture video from front and rear camera and audio from microphone 
  • to stream captured audio and video over Internet
  • to record captured audio and video 
  • to alert users if any suspicious circumstance occupied.
  • to allow secure remote control from a user over Internet
  • and any other functions up to your creativity such as object tracing, motion detection, facial detection and etc.

For this project, familiarity in C/C++ and Java programming is definitely a plus. Tutorials will be given on 3D printing, 3D modelling,  Arduino programming platform and Android app development. This project is best for a group of 2 students.

The project deliverable includes:

  • pan and tilt sentry for docking smartphone
  • surveillance app