There are many retried old smartphone. Many of them are still very powerful and function properly. This project is to reuse or recycle them as IP cameras surveillance system home gadget. The gadget will have a 3D printed pan and tilt phone turret to hold the smart phone.  There are two tasks of this project. First one is to improve  pan and tilt phone turret design.  The photo at below is initial design. To improve the turret will you need the skills of  Arduino programming, 3D printing and modelling. Therefore, tutorials will be given  on these topics. Software to control the pan and tilt phone holder is Arduino program. It is already written. You can find the source code in MakerLab's github.

Second task is to write an app to perform the video surveillance system.  Basically, the app will do:

  • to control pan/tilt turret to turn the smart phone in different angles via Bluetooth
  • to capture video from front and rear camera and audio from microphone 
  • to stream captured audio and video over Internet
  • to record captured audio and video 
  • to alert users if any suspicious circumstance occupied.
  • to allow secure remote control from a user over Internet
  • and any other functions up to your creativity such as object tracing, motion detection, facial detection and etc.

To improve the pan/tilt turret:

  • to limit pan/tilt angles in order to avoid overshot of turning, this can be done by adding end stop switches
  • to set turret to the home position when powered up, home is initial position within the limited angles of pan/tilt, this can be done by reading the signal of end stop switches
  • design and make a 3D printed outer shell to cover and hide the electronic components