War Lord is a 3D printed pan/tilt shooting turret as shown on video demo. Now, the control and firing are by WII nunchuk control stick and manual manipulation. This project is to develop an Android game app to manipulate and automate War Lord that can trace and shoot when targets are armed automatically by object classification with computer vision using smartphone front/rear cameras. The design of War Lord has to be modified in order to dock the smartphone. This can be done by 3D modelling and printing.  Current program code for War Lord will be given for study. It is implemented in the Arduino IDE programming platform. Eventually, students have to implement entirely new code in order to achieve automation.

Targets are carried by a mobile platform and  will move around. The mobile platform also keeps the scores when a target is hit. The implementation of the mobile target platform is open, see this as an example. 

The project deliverable includes:

  • war Lord shooting turret for smartphone
  • mobile platform for targets
  • the android game app

For this project, familiarity in C/C++, Java programming and good in Mathematics is definitely a plus. Tutorials will be given on 3D printing, 3D modelling,  Arduino programming platform and Android app development. This project is best for a group of 2 - 3 students.

Video Demo